Water With Impact

by Brew Impact on Oct 10, 2019

Water With Impact

The pure Dutch mineral-rich EARTH Water is bottled at the small-scale water source of Anl'eau. This source is located in the protected, green nature reserve: “het Hunzedal” in the province of Drenthe. Water experts call Anl'eau one of the best water sources in Europe. The springs in the protected water extraction area pump up pure mineral water from a depth of approximately 150 meters. This groundwater fell as precipitation on the Hondsrug in the Middle Ages; during a period when people did not yet use harmful substances. After a long journey of approximately 1,000 years through the deep subsurface, it has slowly absorbed many minerals.

The water has due to its composition a particularly good quality and with its smooth velvet taste, EARTH Water is the perfect complement to the world's most delicious wines and culinary dishes.

Social Project:


Donation: €102,500

Since 2015, LiveBuild has been one of the two organizations to which we structurally donate annually.

The LiveBuild Foundation is committed to building water and educational facilities Cameroon. The ultimate goal is that villagers can meet their own basic needs so that they too can use their full power to improve their lives and those of others.

The 5 villages where water supplies are being worked on are: Kake II, Small Ekombe, Diffa, Marumba I, Marumba II. LiveBuild, with financial support from EARTH Water, helps these villages with a total of 17,500 people to realize a sustainable water system. The water well in Kake II and the KASEMA water company have been operational since last year.

Through the 'Rock and Run' event organized by EARTH concepts, the donation of Ziggo Dome and Taste of Christmas, we were able to donate €32,500 to the LiveBuild project 'Children's Hygiene Intervention Program (CHIP)'. In 2015 we were also busy raising money for this wonderful project, again in collaboration with the Rock and Run.

Our goal is to reduce child mortality due to polluted water by at least 20%. Click for more information about this LiveBuild project.