Who are we?

Halal Wagyu Shop , the online halal specialty store in the Netherlands and Belgium, has its origins in a shared passion for good food and high-quality halal meat. We, all lovers of the good life, discovered the delicious flavors of quality halal wagyu meat in our favorite restaurants. However, the desire to enjoy this culinary delight every day without constantly eating out led to the realization of our shared dream: Halal Wagyu Shop.

This online platform offers access to fresh, restaurant-quality halal meat, directly to your home. With a wide range of meat types and cutting styles, we want to meet the diverse culinary needs of our customers. Together with certified halal suppliers and farms, Halal Wagyu Shop not only ensures quality but also compliance with strict halal standards. In short, Halal Wagyu shop was born from a shared love for delicious food and the desire to make high-quality halal meat accessible to everyone who wants to enjoy quality at home.

Our story

Halal Wagyu Shop was born in May 2022, founded by entrepreneurs with an Islamic background. We have personally experienced how challenging it can be to find high-quality halal meat. This experience inspired us to create Halal Wagyu Shop, with which we want to make the search for premium and quality halal meat accessible to everyone. Whether it concerns private individuals who want to enjoy top quality at home or restaurants that want to expand their target group without compromising on quality, Halal Wagyu Shop offers a solution for both worlds. With an Islamic foundation and a deep understanding of halal meat needs, Halal Wagyu Shop strives to bring high-quality halal meat within reach for everyone.

Our Dedication

At Halal Wagyu Shop we guarantee 100% halal meat, fully in line with applicable guidelines and provided with clear halal certifications. Our products are produced with attention to the welfare of the animals, avoiding stress during the slaughter process. The animals have had no contact with other slaughtered animals and undergo a careful bleeding process before the slaughter process continues. This results in meat without the presence of blood. Visit our homepage to view our halal certificates and enjoy our high-quality halal and organic meat products with confidence.

Our mission

At Halal Wagyu Shop, our mission is simple: to make high-quality halal wagyu beef accessible to gourmets. Our range, including the delicious halal Ribeye with BMS values ​​from 5-6 to an impressive marbling score of BMS 9+, guarantees premium quality. Discover our range and enjoy a tasty piece of halal wagyu meat today, because we believe that quality and enjoyment go hand in hand.