Halal Wagyu Picanha BMS 8-9

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In the treasure trove of the butcher's goodie bag lies the Stone Ax Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap BMS 9+.

Located above the Scottish fillet, directly on top of the famous spinalis dorsi. It's a cut revered by experienced chefs and butchers.

Bursting with flavor and incredible marbling, this is a great cut of meat for the barbecue, whether sliced ​​or grilled whole and thinly sliced ​​at the table.

The unique texture of the rib cap sets it apart and draws comparisons to that of the tri-tip

Beef caviar... 100% halal Wagyu Ribeye. Normally you skip this at your favorite restaurant, because in most cases it is not halal. At Halal Wagyu Shop we make Wagyu beef accessible to everyone.

The halal Wagyu Ribeye beef is a piece that you must have tasted at some point in your life. The meat is beautiful, finely marbled beef from the rib. This ensures a delicious and sensational taste. The Wagyu Ribeyes from Halal Wagyu Shop have a marbling scale (BMS) of 9+.

The Wagyu Ribeye from Halal Wagyu Shop is the absolute top in terms of marbling scale. The steak comes from the front of the back of Wagyu beef and comes from Jack's Creek Australia and is also called AusKobe. In addition to its extreme tenderness, special taste and melting sensation, Wagyu also contains a high level of unsaturated fatty acids with omega 3 & 6 and is therefore healthy and may even lower cholesterol.

    Halal certification
    All products that we offer and that fall within the Halal Wagyu Shop range are all 100% halal. The products have been selected with great care. All our suppliers are periodically tested by independent halal certification bodies. View all our halal certificates on our homepage!

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    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Our family barbecue was a great success thanks to the Halal Tomahawk from Brew Impact. The meat is of unparalleled quality.

    -Sarah M.

    Brew Impact's Halal Tomahawk Steak is a real treat! The tenderness and marbling are unparalleled. I really managed to impress my guests with it.

    -Anna V.

    The Stone Ax Full Blood Wagyu Rib Cap is a flavor explosion. The meat is perfectly marbled and the texture is truly unique. Highly recommended for lovers of top quality meat!

    -Emily P.

    Wow, the Wholeblood Wagyu Scotch Fillet Steak is truly a culinary tour de force. The marbling and taste deserve all the praise. A great addition to our barbecue evenings.

    -Jessica R.

    I'm a foodie and Brew Impact's products pleasantly surprised me. The Halal Tomahawk is truly a piece of art on my plate.

    -Alex S.

    The Stone Ax products are not only tasty, but also a visual spectacle. The presentation of the Wagyu Rib Cap is truly impressive.

    -Lisa K.

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